Search Engine Optimization


There are many web developers and companies claiming to be SEO specialists on the market. You’ve probably even received email from some of them claiming they will increase your search engine ranking. SEO has in many ways become the new snake oil. There have always been snake oil salesmen and perhaps there always will be. The truth is that SEO is not some magic Voo Doo that we website designers and developers possess. In fact we’ll let you in on the the biggest SEO secret right here and now:

Stay on topic.

What do we mean stay on topic? Simple: If your business, and therefore your website, is about cars then don’t have webpages full of articles about fishing. Sure, that is a extreme example and keeping your website content focused on your message would seem to be a logical thing to do, but you would be surprised how many businesses don’t do it.

Beware The SEO Specialist
Even though we claim that many SEO specialists are snake oil salesmen, there are in fact SEO companies that can implement dubious methods to increase your website search engine ranking. Using these types of SEO companies can have disastrous results for your business. Just ask JC Penny. After Google discovered they were using improper SEO practices JC Penny literally fell off Google’s search results overnight. Consequently JC Penny fired their SEO Marketing company SearchDEX. A large National company like JC Penny has deep pockets full of cash to help recover from such a fiasco…Do you?

Build a Solid SEO Foundation
The most important message we can convey regarding SEO is to build your brand and website marketing on a solid foundation with relevant information. This strategy will work for you consistently throughout any changes Google and the other search engines make to their algorithms. We are successful at building well ranked websites with this philosophy.