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Rogue Valley Video is a aerial video and photography services business that utilize remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) drones which carry camera equipment. Some of their areas of operation are real estate, tourism, advertising and event promotion and documenting.

Rogue Valley Video is a full service company that provides turnkey aerial video and photography solutions. Besides Rogue Valley Video’s high-tech aerial video platforms they also have state of the art video editing systems to provide high definition end product to their clients.

Their website features a web based CRM system which allows for various team members to all work on the same platform regardless of the types of computers and operating systems that are in use or available at the various locations.

The CRM system also includes a customer portal integrated into the frontend where customers can can collaborate with the video editors in the video editing process.

Some key features include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Portal
  • Remote Team Member Access
  • Centralized Billing and Invoicing
  • Client Colloboration
  • Ticketing System for Help and Service Requests

Visit the Rogue Valley Video website here:

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John Tomelevage is a computer consultant, network engineer and web designer. Some of his other interests include radio controlled models and aerial photography via UAV aircraft. Follow me on Google+ or Twitter

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