Martin Tramil


Martin Tramil is a musician, recording and performing artist based in San Diego, California. Martin was looking for a website that could support the promotional efforts for his performing schedule and social media activities. He also wanted to be able to sell newly released music material via MP3 downloads.

Martin Tramil wanted his fans and website visitors to have the ability to audition some of his tracks via a web enabled media player.

When promotors and venues work with musicians they often require media such as photos and graphics that they need for printing banners or to add to their own websites. Martin wanted to be able to serve this need with a press kit that is easily accessible and available to download.

Some key features include:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Media Player
  • Multi-Media Slideshow with Video Capability
  • Online Sales of Individual MP3 Music Files
  • Performance Schedule Calendar
  • Countdown Clock To Next Performance
  • Mobile Phone Enabled

Another feature is the performance schedule calendar. The calendar allows fans to get detailed information about a performance and also see a map of directions to the venue location. Additionally fans can have the website automatically send them a email reminder of the upcoming performance.

Visit the Martin Tramil website here:

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