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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build websites?

Yes. We can build you a new website. We have many options available that will fit your requirements.

Can you fix our website?

Yes. We can fix, repair or update your existing website.

Can you help us move to a new server?

Yes. We can move or migrate your web to a new server. We include a backup for you in case you do not have one as part of this service.

We want to ditch our telephone service provider and have our own telephone PBX system. Can you help with that?

Yes. We can set you up with your own cloud telephone PBX or on-premisses telephone PBX system though our partner Rogue Valley Phone. In most cases we can help you cut your telephone services costs.

Do you host websites?

Yes. We have data centers located in several states and other countries through our provider partners. We can set you up in a location that best serves your application and customers. Multiple nodes are also available.

Our webmaster is gone, can you take over the work or project?

Yes. We can complete your partially built web project for you.

We want our own Google Drive or Dropbox. Can you build that for us?

Yes. We can build you your own private and secure cloud storage solution.

What about game servers?

Yes. We can set you or your clan up with your own dedicated gaming server.