Content Management System

CMS means Content Management System and in broad terms it is a software system that allows the publishing, editing and storage of content. The content in the context of your website would be the website pages. A CMS allows for non-technical persons to add or edit the web pages of their website without the need to know complicated HTML or other code languages. All of the CMS systems we use here at Rogue Valley Media have comfortable editors with features for changing the font type, size, color and formatting in a manner similar to most popular word processors.

At Rogue Valley Media we like to build customers websites on the most popular Open Source CMS systems. There are a few reasons we have chosen to specialize in this style of website development:

Separation of Content From Presentation Layers
CMS systems store the content, your web pages and settings, inside a database and separately from the presentation layer, or “Look” of your website. This is good because later on should the customer wish to change the appearance style of their website they will not have to rewrite all their webpages.

Global Development Community
From time to time we encounter other web developers who talk about coding their own systems for their customers. On the surface this may sound noble, but we feel they are doing their customers a disservice. Being developers ourselves we understand the excitement of coding complex systems and resolving code errors that inevitably arise from the process. However the bottom line is that customers don’t really care that we as developers spent a weekend looking for obscure bugs in their website program. Customers want to get results and they usually want to get them as quickly and for as low cost as possible. No matter how good a website developer is they are not as good as a global development community consisting of millions of developers.
We believe building websites upon the works of this global development community serves our customers better than if we were to hand code their websites.

Webmaster Independence
An important aspect of implementing a CMS for your website is that you as a website owner can achieve a high level of webmaster independence. Nothing frustrates a website owner more than wanting to make a quick addition or change to their website and not being able to get it done because their web person is unavailable and they don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves.
All of the CMS systems we use give our customers the ability to add or change web pages themselves.

Open Source
We choose Open Source CMS systems for most of our website development projects. Not only because of their powerful features and constant global development but also because they are usually free of costly software licensing fees. This allows us to pass these cost savings along to our customers.